why use pygmento?

Check why below!

Marie doesn’t use Pygmento
Julie uses Pygmento


8:50 am

Marie needs 500 name badges

She decides to use local printers services.

9:10 am – 15 min later

She compare the printers 

Marie contacts several printers to get quotes.

8:50 am

Julie needs 500 name badges

She heards about Pygmento and wants to save her time.

9:10 am – 15 min later

She logs in Pygmento

Julie creates a Pygmento account using the online tickets office for her event. All attendees info will be synchronized in real time.

9:11 am – 1 min later

She chooses a badge format

Julie chooses a badge format that reflects her event. All prices are clearly indicated

9:14 am – 3 min later

She makes the designs herself

Julie makes the different designs on Pygmento’s editor usable by everyone. No more issues with not correct format.

9:30 am – 15 min later

She validates the order

Once designs are made, Julie adds lanyards and non-nominative badges for the last registered attendees.

And that’s it !

Julie can now be focused on more relevant tasks for the organization of her event.


2:00 pm – 1.5 day later

FInally she gets the quotes

The next day afternoon, Marie gets the printers quotes.

2:00 pm – 1.5 day later

She needs the quotes to be validated

Marie select the more relevant qote and send it to her superior for validation.


2:00 pm – 2 days later

The quote has been validated

FInally, the quote ha been validated. She contacts the designer to make the badges designs.


2:00 pm – 6 days later

Designs are ready

After several trials, the designer gets the correct designs.

2:10 pm – 10 min later

Designs are sent to the printer

Marie sends the designs to the printer. She hopes that she’ll have no more issues with that because she has many things to do left.

6:20 pm – 4 h and 10 min later

There is an issue with the designs

The printer calls back Marie. Designs format is not the right one. Moreover, the designer forgot to left space for the perforation.


11:00 am – 0.5 day later

Final designs are sent

Following the printer instructions, the designer reworked the designs. Marie sends them to the printer.

11:30 am – 30 min later

Ooops, Marie has forgotten the lanyards

Marie has completely forgotten the lanyards for the badges. She contacts several companies to compare the prices.


11:30 am – 1 day later

Marie gets the quotes for the lanyards

She compares the different quotes, she chooses one and sends it to her superior for validation.

MONDAY D-5 before event

11:30 am – 0.5 day later

The lanyards quote has been validated

Marie orders 500 solid-color lanyards.

2:30 pm – 3 h later

Marie sends the attendees list to the printer

Marie logs in the online ticket office and downloads the attendees list. Finally only 390 attendees are registered instead of 500. Unfortunately she has already paid for 500 badges and lanyards.

THURSDAY D-1 before event

10:00 am – 2.5 days later

Marie receives the lanyards

She receives in her office the 500 lanyards.

2:30 pm – 3 h later

Marie receives the badges non sorted out

She receives the 390 badges. But they are not alphabetically sorted out. She needs to sort them out herself. It will take her at least 2 hours.

4:30 pm – 2 h later

FInally Marie has sorted out the badges

She has separated the badges by attendes categories and she has alphabetically sorted out.

4:40 pm – 10 min later

How to do for the last attendees registered?

Marie logs in the online tickets office and she sees 50 more attendees registered. How will she do to give them badges?

She goes to the supermarket and buys a black marker with stickers. Not really nice but she doesn’t have any other solution.

5:40 pm – 1 h later

Marie is back to her office. She’s absolutely overbooked.

She lost so much time for the badges order. Now Marie needs to work all the night to finish her tasks. Sh’s completely terrorized.

3:00 pm

Julie receives the badges alphabetically sorted out and the lanyards to her office

The badges are produced during the morning to minimize the last attendees registrations. For them, Julie will be able to write their name on pre-printed non-nominative badges.




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